Is Bubblecap safe? Isn’t there a lot of pressure inside the CO2 cartridge?

We claim that Bubblecap will be one of the safest appliance at your kitchen. One of the main advantages of Bubblecap is safety. Bubblecap does not contain any pressurized gas. It only guides the CO2 from the cartridge to the waterbottle in a safe manner. The CO2 cartridge has a lot of pressure inside, so Bubblecap has a safety valve, which restricts the pressure to a safe level.

To which CO2 cartridge the included adapter fits?

The adapter fits to any common household 425g refillable CO2 cartridges on different labels. The adapter doesn’t fit to the CO2 cartridges used in the paintball weapons or other purposes. The adapter doesn’t fit on the CO2 cartridges sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Where you can buy a CO2 cartridge?

Please ask the CO2 cartridge from a nearest supermarket or a grocery store.

How much can you carbonate with a single refill?

Only way to get improvements with the economical use of BubbleCap is getting more experienced, but it is not hard to figure out how to spare CO2. With a single refill you can have at least 45 1,5L or 120 0,5L bottles of sparkling water. Please study out the tips for economical use!

Is BubbleCap made in Finland?

BubbleCap is 100% Finnish invention, design and product. All the parts, except the 3 small screws are made in Finland, also the package and composition. BubbleCap has received valuable “Design From Finland” and the Key Flag – labels.

How many times you can use BubbleCap?

The device is made from top quality, food grade materials (ABS, Stainless steel, etc). It’s a new product, so we have not test data for many years of use. Development work has begun at 2011, and the first BubbleCap version is designed and tested since 2014, and still works fine.

Is there something wrong with the device? It doesn't seem to work!

BubbleCap is the simplest carbonator at the earth. It is designed just for guiding the CO2 to the water bottle safely. The more simple the device, the more it will leave to the user. Using BubbleCap is not difficult, but you need to practice and understand some principals. There is a lot of practical advices at the “tips for economical use”, which you might find helpful.

We are doing our best to bring our customers the best quality product. The product is composed at three phase by hands, so there is at least 3 persons who can detect a manufacturing defect. Along with this, we do systematic quality check on the production line. Some of the sealing may leak a drop or two at the first times of use, while sealing is setting at its natural position. If you think you have a buggy BubbleCap, please check the troubleshooting guide. If you have a defective device, please contact our customer service.