BubbleCap, World’s Smallest Soda Maker, Seeks Public’s Assistance For Mass Production


10/3/2017 For immediate release


KOORTILA, FINLAND, September 29th, 2017 – A Finnish invention has captivated the interest of carbonated drink aficionados from all across the globe – and for good reason. BubbleCap, the innovative, portable drink carbonator designed and developed in Finland, allows for on-the-go drink carbonation, while, owing to its small size, the device also has the potential to replace all “soda maker” type of appliances, such as soda streams, that are a popular in kitchens around the world, too. To perfect the device’s design, the team behind BubbleCap is currently running an Indiegogo campaign, to cover the costs associated with tooling new product molds, and providing certain manufacturing perks for campaign backers.


The device is comprised of four parts: a handle, an adapter, a CO2 cartridge, and the component lending its name to the product – the BubbleCap. Either used with its accompanying, disposable CO2 cartridge, or with large-sized, refillable CO2 cartridges, BubbleCap can carbonate virtually any drink, or re-carbonate flattened out drinks, with as little as three, circular motions of the bottle containing it.


In addition to carbonating water, soft drinks, refreshments, juice, tea, wine, and even fermented beer, the BubbleCap can be used for a variety of other things, such as preparing waffle or cake mixes without the use of baking powder.


However, the BubbleCap team is quick to point out that the device’s greatest advantage is its contribution to the reduction of each user’s plastic footprint. According to an article that was recently published in The Guardian, an astounding 500 Billion plastic bottles are wasted (not recycled) each year, which amounts to roughly 15,000 bottles making their way to landfills and the ocean with each passing second. With the advent of BubbleCap, the aforementioned numbers can decrease dramatically. Seeing as BubbleCap is compatible with all soft drink bottles – or PET bottles, as they are universally known -, regardless of their shape and size, it allows for said bottles to be reused many times over, effectively extending their utility, and delaying their disposal.


“We have calculated that BubbleCap has already led to a combined savings of about 10 million plastic bottles. We believe that, with the device becoming increasingly popular, we can save over 200 million plastic bottles from being wasted – and all that, while enjoying our favorite fizzy drinks, and having fun!” said Mr. Janne Alasaarela, CEO and BubbleCap inventor.


He continued, “The BubbleCap community is growing by leaps and bounds. Currently, there are BubbleCap users in 22 countries all around the planet – from Thailand, to many European countries, all the way to Africa, and Hawaii. We are excited to see our company grow, and we can’t wait to come out with the all new and improved version of BubbleCap!”


With less than a month to go, those interested in supporting BubbleCap’s mass production, and benefit from one of the exclusive perks reserved for campaign backers are advised to visit BubbleCap’s Indiegogo campaign page and make their contribution, at their earliest convenience.



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