Safety instructions

1. Read and understand safety instructions before using the device.

2. The device is intended for the carbonisation of water. Do not use the device for any other purpose, or contrary to these instructions.

3. Only use plastic (PET) returnable bottles that have contained strongly carbonised drinks. Never use a glass bottle!

4. Begin the use of the device with a new water bottle purchased from a shop. Change the water bottle to a new one at least once a month.

5. Do not wash the water bottle or device in a dishwasher or expose the water bottle in sunlight.

6. Do not use a damaged device, gas cylinder or water bottle.

7. Keep the gas cylinder in an upright position, or slightly tilted when you use the device. Snow will come out of the gas cylinder, which will clog the device, when the gas cylinder is upside down.

8. Do not use tools to operate the device. The device is intended for manual use.

9. Do not block the pressure relief valve’s three holes on the end of the BubbleCap, or otherwise tamper with the device. Do not use the device, if the device has been modified.

10. Carbonise above a sink or other similar place, where any possible spills or a dropped bottle will not damage items or the surroundings.

11. Open the water bottle carefully after carbonisation, the water may fizz.